2023 Art Market: Embracing Female Artists, Neo-Surrealism and Digital Collage
Image: Petra Cortright's digital painting on anodized aluminium, 2019. Unique. 67h x 48w in

By Lucy Hasani,

Despite a year of unprecedented inflation rates and major macro shifts in the economy, collectors remained smitten with the idea of post-covid art fairs and auctions. From Andy Warhol’s “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn”, which was famed as the most expensive artwork to sell at auction, to Paul G. Allen’s collection that yielded 1.6 billion dollars at Christie’s – the art industry remained high on its pedestal. And with artwork’s ever growing attraction as an investment, collectors will be expanding their portfolios well into 2023. A shift from NFTs to neo-surrealist art and a concern for the futurity of our environments, this year hopes to be one of fresh perspectives, which our very own artists have embodied into their work. Here are a few trends to watch out for throughout 2023…

A Rise in Female Artworks
Female artists are finally getting the recognition that they deserve, with secondary market prices for their works growing year by year. Their contribution to the sphere of abstract work has not gone unnoticed, with Galerie Perrie’s own artist Tara Vaughan exploring the boundaries of form and balance through her ceramic sculptures.

Tara Vaughan – ‘Hug’ sculpture, 2023. © Galerie Perrie.

Rethinking Human-Environment Relationship through Neo-Surrealism
Serpentine’s artistic director, Hans Ulrich Obrist, is looking towards a new application of neo-surrealism: one that rethinks the relationship between humans and environment, as expressed in last year’s Venice Biennale. Galerie Perrie’s own artist, Kyte Tatt, similarly explores this collegial relationship, through abstract expressionism, placing emphasis and value on the ecological surroundings that precede us.

Kyte Tatt, ‘Esc,’ 2022. © Galerie Perrie

Digital Collage
Although the NFT market crashed in 2022, the interest in digital art has not. Making a revival at Frieze LA, these hybrid works are taking the art market by storm. With advancements in technology and the rise of social media platforms, digital art has become more accessible and popular than ever before. Petra Cortright’s work is a great example of the resurgence of digital art in 2023. As a digital native artist, Cortright has established herself as one of the leading figures in the digital art world, exploring the aesthetics of consumerism, identity and the phygital art world.

Petra Cortright, ‘Untitled,’ 2012. © Galerie Perrie

Exploring the Intersection of Art and Science
Ceramics have been making a comeback in the art world, with more and more artists turning to this medium to express themselves. One artist at the forefront of this is Abid Javed, who uses traditional ceramic techniques to combine his passions of science and art. Javed’s work blurs the lines between functionality and art, creating pieces that are not just beautiful, but also practical.

Abid Javed, ‘Pleo 57,’ © Galerie Perrie

As the art industry continues to evolve and adapt, 2023 promises to be a year of exciting new developments and fresh perspectives. With a growing emphasis on female artists, a renewed interest in digital art, and a focus on ecological relationships, the art world is poised to make significant strides this year.

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