5 Tips for Curating the Perfect Gallery Wall

Galerie Perrie founder, Gabé Hirschowitz, shares her décor secrets:
Galerie Perrie founder Gabé Hirschowitz curating new work by KAWS for a collector. (c) Gabé Hirschowitz 2021
  1. Mixing and Matching: Include a mixture of media to create depth and interest to your layout. I’ve often discovered amazing finds while traveling around the world. I suggest including a unique mix of photography, paintings, watercolors, drawings, tapestries, etc – the more variety, the better. 
  2. Framing: Select your frames. This shouldn’t be an afterthought. I suggest mixing up framing styles for a unique appearance, but do it intentionally so it feels personal and speaks to your overall style. (Of course, it’s also okay to choose the same frame for all the pieces if you prefer this look). 
  3. Curating: Above all, balance and symmetry are key; pay attention to how much blank wall you leave between each object. Create harmony with these gaps by choosing a center point about eye-level—then add the other pieces up and down the surface, mindful of how the composition of each communicates with the pieces surrounding it. Play with different layouts on the floor to find the one you like best and avoid unwanted gaps.
  4. Installing: In my own work, I always hire a professional installer because nothing throws a room off more than improperly hung artwork. Professional installers always use levels to ensure frames are hung straight. Of course, if you’d like to do it yourself and the pieces aren’t too bulky, you can also learn to use a level. Simply place it on the upper edge of the frame and adjust the piece’s tilt until the bubble is within the black lines at the center of the level’s liquid-filled tube.
  5. Evolving: Like all art, gallery walls themselves are never “finished,” but rather evolve overtime. You can always add, replace and reposition works on the wall as your collection and style grows and changes. So don’t be afraid to take chances and expand. The most important tip is to use your intuition and imagination!
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