A Conversation with Artist Rune Elmegaard: Galerie Perrie founder Gabé Hirschowitz’s Exclusive Interview with One of Denmark’s Most Insightful Artists

Rune Elmegaard is a Danish artist and furniture designer based in Ringsted, outside of Central Copenhagen, with a deep interest in Danish design history. He loves working with acrylics on canvas and combining shapes and colors to capture the mid-century aesthetic that inspires him.

Rune’s dynamic creativity is reflected in the inspiration of the material he chooses and their possibilities, combined with unique designs. Since his early 20’s, this approach has allowed him to create innovative, colorful abstract geometrics that reflect the contemporary while simultaneously adapting the classical.

Gabé: What’s your earliest memory of creating art?

Rune: That would be back in my early twenties, when I started to experiment. 

Gabé: What unexpected experiences/ ideas/ things inspire you?

Rune: Geometric lines and 1960’s colors inspire me a lot. Different mixtures of materials I can put into my work also dram me in. 

Gabé: Describe your process: what unique things do you have to do to make the work happen?

Rune: I need to be by myself and often listen to some jazz music to create my work. 

Gabé: How would you characterize your artistic aesthetic–in five words?

Rune: Modern, creative, thoughtful, minimal, colorful.

Gabé: You are deserted on a remote planet; what three things do you need to keep your sanity?

Rune: Coffee, music and some paint. 

Gabé: Who influences you creatively?

Rune: Currently I get my inspiration through Instagram and old artists from the 1960`s. 

Gabé: If you had a time machine, which period in art history would you visit and why?

Rune: I’ve always been inspired by the Postwar period; there was just something about the way they designed and used colors. 

Gabé: What’s the best exhibition/show you’ve ever seen (not including your own)?

Rune: Per Kirkeby at the Louisiana in Denmark.

Gabé: What three living artists would you like to have a group show with?

Rune: That would be Jeff Koons, Olafur Eliasson and Kaspar Bonnén.

Gabé: What would you be doing right now if you weren’t an artist?

Rune: I would be working more with interior designs, since I also create furniture. 

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