Artist Spotlight: Charlotte Culot
Image: Charlotte Culot (2023) Copyrighted.

By Averill Emery,

One of Galerie Perrie’s featured artists, Charlotte Culot, is a natural born creative. Born in Belgium into a family of artists, Culot was surrounded by art from an early age. Culot recalls she “could jump from her father Pierre Culot’s atelier of pottery and sculpture to the atelier of her mother, Miche Wynants, who was a painter and children’s book illustrator.”

The artist currently lives and works in France and has an education in both Art History as well as Archeology. Culot’s fascination with materials and texture has become an integral part of her work, capturing raw edges in a modern, innovative way. Charlotte Culot has said, “to paint is to lay bare one’s innermost self. A trove, over worlds from rugged rock to polished pebble, from turmoil to peace. An endless quest for meaning in a perpetual mutation. To paint is to venture out onto a steep cliff top.” Culot’s work indeed reflects a sense of adventure and risk as her mosaic murals fuse color and material to ultimately create a cohesive collage.

The first series that is currently available in Galerie Perrie’s inventory is titled ‘Diving in the deep BLUE’ which features ten exclusive works by Culot that are composed of craft paper strips. The series is vibrant and dynamic, featuring a palette of rich blue hues that engage with one another to perhaps allude to tones of the mystical deep blue sea. Each work in this series has a unique composition of craft paper strips that overlap and are layered on top of each other in a one-of-a-kind collage.

Image: Charlotte Culot’s “Diving in the deep BLUE IX” (Available exclusively on Galerie Image copyrighted 2023.

In addition to her collage series, Charlotte Culot’s Maison Rhizomes series is composed of woven tapestries that are made out of hand-spun Tibetan wool as well as Indian silk and linen. Culot’s inspiration for her woven work comes from Ukrainian artist Sonia Delaunay whom Culot admires as a modern colorist.

Image: Charlotte Culot’s ‘Rhizomes 5 Colourful’ (Available exclusively on Galerie
Image copyrighted 2023.

The name for this series titled Maison Rhizomes directly translates to ‘mass of roots’ as her series emphasizes connection to the natural world and the marriage of nature and art. Each woven work has a unique color palette and pattern. Made of wool, silk and linen, all products are hand-knotted in Nepal. Each piece is limited and is only hand-made up to 22 times.

Moreover, Charlotte Culot strives to produce tapestries that are unique to her creative process as she emphasizes, “for us, it is important to follow our instincts, rather than trends.” Culot’s process for making the Maison Rhizomes series is multi-faceted and varies from her more solitary painting process as she claims, “to create rugs it requires many pearls to make the necklace! There is first the drawing, the pattern (created from my paintings). After this, a larger puzzle starts.” Indeed, Culot’s work stands out as innovative and vibrant and she is most definitely an artist to follow as her body of work continues to build and evolve.

You can find a variety of beautiful, one-of-a-kind works by Charlotte Culot available for purchase exclusively on 

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