Captivating the Gaze: Creating Mesmerizing Focal Points with Monochromatic Photography in Your Home

By Nitya Singh for While color will always hold a cherished place in the hearts of many, envisioning a world devoid of it seems inconceivable and, more crucially, uninspiring. Nevertheless, at the opposite end of the spectrum resides an enduring aspect of photography—black and white imagery. Luminaries such as Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert […]

Embracing Sustainability: The Art Industry’s Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

By Lucy Hasani, Sustainability has made a name for itself in almost every industry, and the art world is no exception. The very structure of the industry requires jetting off to international art fairs, freighting artworks across oceans and staying current with the latest exhibitions. Despite only representing a small portion of global emissions, the […]

The Power of Creativity: The Positive Impact of Art on Children’s Mental Health and Development

By The Galerie Perrie Team Art is an important aspect of human culture, and its benefits extend far beyond aesthetics. For children, art education can play a crucial role in their development, providing them with a variety of benefits that can enhance their cognitive, emotional, and social well-being. From developing fine motor skills to fostering […]

Blossoming Beauty: Decorating with Floral Patterns and Art

By The Galerie Perrie Team Nature has always been a source of inspiration for designers and decorators alike, and floral patterns have a timeless appeal that transcends trends. From delicate blooms to bold botanicals, floral patterns and art can create a sense of calm, romance, or vibrancy within a space. Whether you are looking to […]

Must-See Exhibitions of 2023

By Lucy Hasani, Wherever you find yourself this season, expect a line up of fantastic exhibitions and archives from your favorite museums and galleries. Here are Galerie Perrie’s top recommendations to enrich your travels! Madrid Picasso. The sacred and the profane Yayoi Kusama’s works have created a profound legacy, from her immersive infinity rooms […]

2023 Art Market: Embracing Female Artists, Neo-Surrealism and Digital Collage

By Lucy Hasani, Despite a year of unprecedented inflation rates and major macro shifts in the economy, collectors remained smitten with the idea of post-covid art fairs and auctions. From Andy Warhol’s “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn”, which was famed as the most expensive artwork to sell at auction, to Paul G. Allen’s collection that […] – Galerie Perrie – Jan. 2023

Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton: A Postmodern Era of Luxury Fashion

By Lucy Hasani, Collaborations between any industry draw excitement and attention, yet those between fashion and art have become the most coveted; bringing together two highly creative industries in a manner that exceeds innovation.  The recent collaboration between luxury maison, Louis Vuitton, and contemporary Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, initially made its debut in Tokyo […]

A Conversation with Scottish Artist Steven Cox

By Lucy Hasani, This week, Galerie Perrie had the pleasure of interviewing one of our very own artists based in Scotland, Steven Cox. With his mixed media paintings, Steven Cox focuses on ways to examine materiality through vacillating between minimalism and expression. His bridging of technique, color and form highlights his desire to unearth […]

The Galerie Perrie Holiday Gift Guide 2022

By Lucy Hasani, As we approach the holidays, our excitement towards seasonal activities and vivacious get-togethers only grows in anticipation. Whether you prepare by spending your December transforming your hallway into a winter wonderland or scouting every department store for the perfect gift, Galerie Perrie has you covered. Our 2022 gift guide features an […]

Contemporaries of the Classics: A Merging of Narratives

By Lucy Hasani, 2022 marked the year of unprecedented change in the art world. A year where AI generated artworks brushed shoulders with masterpieces of Vasari’s subjects to form a new canon of art history, or a 21st century renaissance… This mix of modernity and tradition however has come to denote the contemporary art […]

Le Salon d’Automne et d’Hiver: Experience the Charm of Parisian Living this Holiday Season​​

Inaugurated in 1667, the Paris Salon, the official art exhibition of France’s Académie des Beaux-Arts, was arguably the Western world’s greatest annual or biennial art event for the next two and a half centuries. The show’s aim was to encourage the development of the fine arts, to serve as an outlet for young artists (of […]

A Conversation with Berlin-based Artist Kyte Tatt

By Lucy Hasani, This week Galerie Perrie had the pleasure of interviewing one of our very own artists, Kyte Tatt, an American-born mixed-media artist based in Berlin. Kyte touches upon his relationship with an ever-changing environment and how this fuels his desire to create. This relationship is one that reiterates the modernity of an […]

The Unannounced Fashion Week of Frieze

By Lucy Hasani, Frieze London marks one of the biggest events of the industry’s calendar, inviting emerging artists and galleries to debut their latest works to an audience curated of established critics and buyers. However this year’s Frieze found itself manifested within the late arrival of London Fashion Week. Art aficionados stepped aside from […]

Five Ways to Enjoy Art Within the Comfort of Your Own Home

By Lucy Hasani, With the passing of Frieze London, and a skyrocketing interest in the latest contemporary artists, we may wish to keep the momentum going. Instead of flying out to the next basel or reading yet another soul-searching book on neo-expressionism, here are some ways you can engage with art and be your […]

Where Basels Meet Blockchain: A Marriage of Art and Technology

By Lucy Hasani, The Art Industry has managed to remain relatively distant from the invasions of the Tech world, up until now… A new epoch defined by NFT’s, blockchain and crypto currency is shaping the way in which art is experienced and purchased, creating exciting prospects for dealers and buyers alike.  Buying into the […]

The Venice Biennale: A Surrealist Tribute to Reality

Through touching upon themes of gender, race and the environment, the Venice Biennale proves how art has become an avant-garde force for tackling society’s long-standing issues. By Lucy Hasani, This year The Venice Biennale returned after a brief hiatus to once again become the beating heart of the creative community. Curated by Cecilia Alemani, […]

Of Bauhaus & Balenciaga

A look at this classic architecture movement’s impact on fashion By Lucy Hasani The recently re-emergent popularity of luxury fashion house Balenciaga comes as no surprise considering Gen Z’s obsession with history. Whether it’s art or architecture, music or clothing styles, rebooting the past has become increasingly lucrative. Often, however, the question is where the […]

5 Gorgeous Art Sites to See Around the World

By Gabé Hirschowitz, Whether traveling for work or pleasure, it always makes sense to visit new art sites. Arguably, it’s as much a part of taking in a culture as exploring the streets, admiring the architecture, and tasting the food of a foreign city. Art galleries and museums can help you tap into what […]

A Conversation with Collector Ronnie Sassoon

An exclusive interview with collector Ronnie Sassoon by Galerie Perrie founder Gabé Hirschowitz Over a lifetime spent in London, New York, Los Angeles and points in between, collector Ronnie Sassoon has put together an unparalleled grouping of radical artworks, design objects and houses that elucidate her definition of “selection”: important works by Group Zero and […]

Galerie Perrie’s Summertime Online Shopping Finds

Shop our hand-picked favorites Here at Galerie Perrie, our main focus will forever be art. Still, you can’t create a warm and inviting environment with art alone. That’s why we put together a list of 45 favorite summer shopping finds. This hand-picked selection of interior, lifestyle and travel goods captures team Galerie Perrie’s belief that living beautifully should be […]