Embracing Art in the Summer Months
Image courtesy of Thomson & Cooke Architects.

By Lucy Hasani,

As summer begins to approach us, an array of artistic possibilities await. The warmer months provide a perfect backdrop to immerse ourselves in the vibrant colors and spheres of art. From making the most of seasonal gallery openings and indoor-outdoor living, this season brings forth an abundance of opportunities to appreciate and engage with all forms of creative expression. Whether you’re an all year round art enthusiast or simply seeking inspiration, this article will serve as a guide to unlock the joys of art during summer.


Indoor Outdoor Living 

Indoor-outdoor living is a wonderful way to fully embrace the beauty of the summer season. Creating an outdoor sanctuary allows you to revel in the comfort of your own home while surrounding yourself with the sights, sounds and fragrances of the outdoor environment. In order to create the perfect outdoor living space, consider implementing art installations into your surroundings, such as ceramics by Abid Javed. For the perfect sensory experience, light a candle and finish off your outdoor oasis with a comforting glow.


Embracing Color 

To make the most of the vibrant summer months, consider crafting a living space that embraces and harmonizes with the surrounding natural environment. Enhancing your living space to align with the seasons can be effortlessly accomplished by incorporating new artwork that reflects the spirit of summer. For inspiration, look to the work of Charlotte Culot or Kyte Tatt to infuse your surroundings with a refreshing palette that evokes the essence of Summer.


Bring the Outdoors In

Uplift your environment with a touch of natural beauty, for example a carefully curated bouquet. Playing with the colors and textures of your interiors in this way can add a new vitality to the environment while serving as a captivating centerpiece. Additionally using natural materials, like wood and wicker, can add an earthy feel to your interiors with very minimal effort. Incorporating these elements through small accessories can breathe life into your living spaces for those ambient summer months.


Create Your Own Art

The summer months are full of memories we wish we could relive for eternity, and what better way to preserve these quotidian moments than through a photograph. Whether it’s the ambiance of a serene landscape or a heart-warming gathering of our loved ones, we can capture the nostalgia with just a simple click. Take aesthetic cues from Galerie Perrie’s artists such as Louis Stettner or Kit Young on capturing these silver linings.

Art can be enjoyed all year round, and summer is no exception to this. Explore the myriad of possibilities to engage with art these upcoming months, when vibrant colors and warmer backgrounds become the perfect backdrop for creative expression. Whether you choose to change up your art display or incorporate living elements into your environment, you can equally immerse yourself in the beauty that art has to offer.

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