Five Ways to Enjoy Art Within the Comfort of Your Own Home
Image courtesy of Galerie Perrie founder, Gabé Hirschowitz. All rights reserved, © 2022

By Lucy Hasani,

With the passing of Frieze London, and a skyrocketing interest in the latest contemporary artists, we may wish to keep the momentum going. Instead of flying out to the next basel or reading yet another soul-searching book on neo-expressionism, here are some ways you can engage with art and be your own curator from the comfort of your home.

Galerie Max Hetzler, 2022. Image courtesy of Artland, all rights reserved, © 2022

1. Gallery Goers of the 21st Century
Even though we may not share a zipcode with the Louvre, this doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy access to critically acclaimed pieces from all over the world. Virtual platforms like Eazel and Artland offer immersive 360° experiences to viewing the latest exhibitions and art fairs, as well as offering guided tours by leading art critics and curators. So why not enjoy your morning espresso in Galerie Max Hetzler?

Image courtesy of Galerie Perrie’s Instagram, all rights reserved, © 2022

2. Curating Your Own Space
However, if you’re an aspiring curator and want to showcase your own collection, the white walls of your house double as a natural blank canvas inviting elements of playfulness into the space. Bound by the rules of your own creativity, now comes the long awaited moment of juxtaposing a minimalist painting with a Rococo gilt frame. The perfect conversation starter for any friendly dinner.. And if you need inspiration on where to find your next acquisition, look no further than Galerie Perrie’s archive of painting, photography and sculpture here.

Image courtesy of Pinterest, all rights reserved, © 2022

3. Statement Pieces: Furniture Edition
Another way to bring art into the home can be through statement furniture pieces and objects that combine the two distinct worlds of function and art. No longer are furniture pieces being overlooked for their aesthetic input, but valued for the sense of style they bring into our homes. Whether it’s the curved spine of a boucle sofa that extends itself into a world of Japandi design or the dark muted tones of a Mid-Century armchair, these pieces help to elevate the space around us while bringing a sense of character to any room.

Image courtesy of The Business Insider.

4. Online Courses
A lot of enjoyment from art comes from understanding the pieces we engage with through an appreciation of subject matter or historical landscape in which they are produced. The rebellious nature of impressionism or the independence of color in fauvism affects how we view such works, aligning our own perspective with that of the artists. One way to build upon this knowledge is through online courses covering a range of art period’s from the middle ages to post-modern. Fill yourself with the nostalgia of attending class, without the early mornings…

Image courtesy of Apple Podcasts, all rights reserved, © 2022

5. The Art of Conversation
The anticipation of flicking a page has become too mundane for many of us, introducing a newfound interest in podcasts. Dominating the art space, a few of our favorites include The Lonely Palette, The Great Women Artists and The Week in Art; a perfect addition to a reclusive Sunday evening.

Although the legacy of Frieze continues to thrive elsewhere, this doesn’t put an end to our artistic pursuits. Immersing ourselves in the industry doesn’t have to equate to endless gallery visits but could simply mean digging through our creative minds to discover our next inspirational idea.

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