Maximalist vs. Minimalist Art Featured on Galerie Perrie
Charlotte Culot – Rhizomes 5 colourful, ©️ Galerie Perrie 2023.

By Averill Emery,

As the summer months swing into full force, many of us might be rethinking our space and how we can optimize it for warmer weather, and perhaps aspirational moments of relaxation. With trends coming and going, and colloquial phrases such as less is more commonly used, it is hard to know what to keep and what to part with.

At, our founder Gabé Hirschowitz will bring over a decade of experience in helping you select and arrange the ideal pieces for any space you have. The art that is exclusively featured on Galerie Perrie provides a range of different styles to suit your palate and create a space that is unique to your interior taste. Furthermore, quality over quantity is highly valued and every object featured for purchase on our website has undergone a rigorous certification of its provenance and value to the private collector.

Kyte Tatt – Esc – Available exclusively on ©️2023

Here at Galerie Perrie, we love abstract florals all year long. If you do too, then Berlin-based artist, Kyte Tatt, is the answer to your prayers! His work includes both impressionist qualities as well as abstract brush strokes. Tatt’s work could be characterized as maximalist or aligned with interiors that are colorful and vibrant as they would match the multicolored hues of his work “Esc” (pictured above). This work is versatile and would also stand out against a more neutral interior, making it both a piece for maximalists and minimalists alike! Tatt’s work includes the use of various media such as acrylic, house paint, charcoal, graphite, soft pastel, and even coffee. Kyte draws on strong visual language as he hopes to connect his audience to nature. Click here to view Kyte Tatt’s entire collection online.

Steven Cox – PNB (Polka) – Available exclusively on ©️2023

The next work to consider for your space is by the Scottish painter Steven Cox and it is titled ‘PNB.’ Cox is inspired by abstraction as his work features monoprint techniques as well as the innovative use of material such as spray paint and oil paint. The pieces are both  minimalist and  expressionist which  provides an elegant addition to a space. The  simple color palettes used throughout his featured collection are versatile enough to feature in many different interiors making it a wonderful piece to invest in. This work would elevate simple interiors as well as blend into a more colorful or maximalist styled room. Click here to view Steven Cox’s entire collection online.

Rune Elmegaard – Untitled – Available exclusively on ©️2023

Meet Danish artist, Rune Elmegaard. His work is a unique reflection of his interest in the Danish carpenter and furniture tradition. Elmegaard mentions his innate creativity claiming, “I have stored many different shapes and colors in my memory. My DNA consists of creativity and I have a mind that never stops for new ideas.” Elmegaard’s work indeed pays homage to Danish design and the significant influence that Scandinavian design has had on design today. While he indeed draws on the past, Elmegaard’s work is truly modern and is a perfect addition to a contemporary, sleek interior. Furthermore, the artist has created two art prints exclusively for Galerie Perrie. Each is signed, 27h x 20w inches. $200 each. Click here to view Rune Elmegaard’s entire collection online.

Abid Javed– Origins 22 – Available exclusively on ©️2023

Further, there is a unique selection of sculptures featured exclusively on by Abid Javed. A ceramic artist based in Hackney,  London, his work is inspired by molecular biology as his series titled Origins includes impressive stoneware featuring a variety of colors. These sculptures would elevate any space and provide earthlike tones and texture to perhaps a modern, contemporary interior. There are five sculptures in the Origins series ranging in price from $870 to $1,350. Each work possesses a unique shape that is both dynamic and textured, making it a special piece for any collection and space. Indeed this series proves to be more simple and minimalist as the neutral tones are sure to stand out, but not distract from an interior space.  Click here to view Abid Javed’s entire collection online.

Charlotte Culot– Diving in the Deep Blue III – Available exclusively on ©️2023

Lastly, work by Charlotte Culot, another talented artist exclusively featured on Galerie Perrie, is the perfect choice for any pop of color you may need in your home or office. Culot is known to feature bright, energetic palettes in her craft paper collages as well as her series titled Rhizomes which is a collection of hand knotted rugs made of wool and silk. Culot’s work starts at $850 and ranges to $8,500 depending on the dimensions and work you purchase. The word maximalist comes to mind when observing Culot’s colorful collages, however, they are very versatile as her series Diving in the Deep Blue features monochromatic palettes. Click here to view Charlotte Culot’s entire collection online.

All in all, this season’s collection featured on has something for maximalists and minimalists alike. With diverse mediums, color palettes and textures, these pieces will undoubtedly enhance your space whatever it may look like. Whether you decide to purchase abstract pieces by Rune Elmegaard or dynamic earthly sculptures by Abid Javed, the art featured on offers unique and tasteful additions to your space and collection.

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