Kasper Faerch


Kasper Faerch, b. 1986 (Denmark) 

Master in Art History (Aarhus University, 2014) 

Kasper Faerch


Kasper Faerch is a danish artist and art historian. He works in the intersection between art and design across a variety of  media including painting, sculpting, drawing and paper cutting. 

“Over the years I have moved from a very figurative artistic practice towards a much more abstracted response,  creating streamlined yet hopefully vibrant artworks that, although minimalistic and monochrome, still achieve a sense  of expression and dynamic. No matter the media I always seek a purified form of beauty dominated by order, simplicity  and harmony. I am preoccupied with the tension that arise in the encounter between contrasts. I am interested in, how  the alternation between warm/cold, hard/soft and smooth/rough add character to an artwork and create a conflicting  space. 

I am not limited by a certain narrative when I work. There is no story I need to tell. 

This allows me to focus exclusively on a formal and reductive aesthetic where the exploration of light, space and form  are recurring themes. By using a reduced palette, I am able to focus on depth, tone and texture without the distraction  of colors. Especially texture is very important to me because I believe that a visible texture enables the viewer to trace  the artist. 

I always use sketches as guidelines for my work. Putting pen to paper gives me a sense of the final outcome. My process  is characterized by repetition, progression and permutation. It is a systematic process based on arranging and  rearranging elements. I often work in series because only in a run of pieces am I able to fully explore an idea. 

I am inspired by everything from American minimalism, Korean “dansaekhwa” and Italian “arte povera” to a simple  concrete wall or a pattern in the sand. I aim to find beauty wherever I look, see the importance of what is imperfect and  irregular, and experience the passage of time as something positive.” 

– Kasper Faerch 

Monochromatic Paintings 

“My monochromatic paintings can be perceived as paraphrases of nature. It is an attempt to mimic elements of nature - to arrange the beautiful, wild and random expressions that nature produce and present them in a certain composition  within the confines of the canvas. Ultimately, I would like the paintings to offer a meditative experience - to be poetic  and calming without demanding excessive attention. It is a celebration of their tactile immediacy. What you see is what  you get. Nothing more, nothing less.” 

– Kasper Faerch 

Wall Sculpture 

“The intension is to create a dialogue between space and form. The shape of the monochrome wall sculpture should act  as an architectural addition to the space and be able to converse with any given architecture in which they are  incorporated. Due to the installation of the wall sculpture, a few centimeters from the wall, and the resulting shadows,  the intrinsically two-dimensional object gain plasticity.” 

– Kasper Faerch 


“Unlike most of my work, which can be quite systematic and controlled, the SPLASH series is characterized by immediacy and intuitiveness. Each artwork is impossible to reproduce due to the momentary and vivid creation.” – Kasper Faerch

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