Rune Elmegaard

Rune Elmegaard is a Danish artist and furniture designer based in Ringsted, outside of Central Copenhagen. He loves to work with acrylics on canvas. 
Since the beginning of his 20’s, hehas been interested in the art world and Danish design history. He enjoys a creative approach with all the many projects that he does. Combining shapes and colors together is something he always find appealing.
The Mid-Century period is definitely the main design period where he gets his inspiration from, and it can be seen through his color choices when he creates his art and fine art prints. It all comes together with a touch of the past and the presence of Modern interior design. 
Rune Elmegaard Studio works with a personal expression and develops new art and design. The dynamic creativity is reflected in the inspiration of the material and its possibilities, combined with unique design, creating innovative design that reflects the contemporary, and its need to adapt classically and creatively.
Rune's styleI have painted both abstract styled with a modern touch for a long time now, but I also love to use geometrical lines in my work. In terms of colour, I have never been afraid to use different ones in my art, but often you will see colours from the 1960s inspired within my art.