Zahra Holm


Zahra Holm, b. 1989 (Sweden) 

“My work is a tribute to the essence of femininity; a modern female-focus, bringing forth a question of beauty ideals, body shape and gender. Abstract shapes and curvaceous lines, expressing their feelings, telling their stories.”



Originally from Sweden and Tunisia, contemporary artist Zahra Holm is living and working in Paris, France.

She started drawing at a very young age and began developing her love for arts.
Zahra is a self-taught painter, primarily working with oil paint. She has obtained a diploma in Scenography and Set Design whilst studying and worked for several years in the cinema, theatre and french television. Zahra has continued to pursue and realise her dream of becoming a painter.

She is fascinated by the female form, the main subject of her work. Her bold use of colour and curvaceous lines create striking compositions that reflect the beauty and power of women. The forms suggest femininity, conventionally considered female, symbolically female, close to abstraction.

Her work is a tribute to the essence of femininity, discovering imperfection.
She confronts through her art the society of today, where perfection is everywhere. The painter filters her personal experiences, question herself through abstraction and simplification.

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