Marten Herma Anderson is a Berlin based artist and architect. Born 1989 on the Island of Rügen, former GDR, Anderson grew up at the Baltic Sea in West Germany and studied Architecture at the Bauhaus in Weimar and the University Of The Arts in Berlin.
Berlin’s eclectic, contradictory Gestalt – its history of being divided and a childhood at the northern coast shaped Anderson’s artistic identity aesthetically, but also technically and ecologically. He is intrigued by binary opposites, the hard and the soft, constructed lines and organic shapes, the manmade and natural, raw materials and bright colors.
His architecture design merges unrefined materials with great warm and bright colors for a made- to-measure approach. Whether sourcing vintage pieces, connecting rooms with an overarching concept that links and unifies or simply designing inbuilt woodwork, Anderson seeks to find innovative and sustainable solutions for his clients Ceramics: At first glance the ceramic works by Berlin-based artist Marten Herma Anderson may seem like immediate reflections of the iconic brutality of the city where he lives – bold, minimal, and executed with severe precision. These traits are accurate when describing his work as a ceramicist, illustrator, and architect. behemoths, there is another side to the city, attributed to a history of violent destruction and utopian rebuilding. With a closer look we see this poetry echoed in Anderson’s approach to materiality – he uses sedimentation, marbling, sanding and burnishing as techniques that have become a signature style for the designer’s use of clay. As a digital illustrator they employ a similar tactic – hyperrealism with a dreamy touch of painterly effect. This produces an uncanny tactility in their marriage of content and form; an image or sculpture that could be interpreted as overly wrought or cold at first glance slowly reveals a playful sensuality in the small but effective creative decisions embedded within their composition. With these combinations Anderson has developed a bold voice and commanded attention as a multidisciplinary artistic designer working in clay, digital illustration, and spatial environments.