Kyte Tatt

Kyte Tatt is an American-born mixed media artist based in Berlin Germany. Kyte has been honing his skills as an artist for many years. It was in 2015 after relocating himself to his beloved Berlin, that Kyte began painting. A natural autodidact and creative, Kyte quickly developed his visual language as a painter. Having lived and travelled in a caravan in the USA for nearly a decade before his move to Europe, Kyte was in primary involvement in several art communities and projects there. The culmination of his work and experience result in his work today.Kyte’s main endeavor is on his Gardens of Liberty collection where his raw and gestural marks and splashes of color can be characterized as part abstract and part impressionist; part rough and part gentle. Look once and you find violent brushstrokes and broad movements, look again and find poetry. His spectrum of media includes acrylic, house paint, charcoal, graphite, soft pastel, and even coffee. Kyte hopes to remind and reconnect the viewer back to nature by showing its power and diversity in a strong yet delicate visual language.