Shipping & Order Policy

Upon undertaking a purchase, the client will immediately have each selected work reserved in his/her/their name for the duration for the subsequent transaction process by activating a “purchase” on the work. In order to “purchase” the work, the client must submit his/her/their name, product payment and shipping address information on the site. The additional price for packing, shipping and sales tax, will then be communicated to the buyer within 24 hours, along with a credit-card authorization form and/or payment link. Once this charge clears, the authorized seller will pack and ship the purchased work to the buyer. Galerie Perrie makes no warranty with regards to the safety of the work in transit; however, as all authorized sellers who work with Galerie Perrie must be insured to establish a partnership with Galerie Perrie, buyers may submit claims of damaged work within 24 hours of receipt to Galerie Perrie at, and this information will be duly communicated to the appropriate seller for processing.


 All sales are final.