Jeff Koons - Balloon Swan (Yellow), Balloon Rabbit (Red) and Balloon Monkey (Blue) (three works)

metallic glazed porcelain

Swan: 9.5 h x 6.5 w x 7.5 d inches
Rabbit: 11.25 h x 5.5 w x 8.25 d inches
Monkey: 9.75 h x 8.25 w x 16.5 d inches
Printed signature, title, date and number to underside of each work ‘Jeff Koons Balloon Swan (Yellow) Limited Edition/Fine Porcelain 409/999 17’, ‘Jeff Koons Balloon Rabbit (Red) Limited Edition/Fine Porcelain 704/999 17’ and ‘Jeff Koons Balloon Monkey (Blue) Limited Edition/Fine Porcelain 475/999 17’. Each work is from the edition of 999 published by Bernardaud, Limoges, France.

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