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Pattern Power: How to Choose the Perfect Wallpaper

By Nicole Barr for  Scalamandré Zebra Wallpaper. Image courtesy The Inside.    Wallpaper catches the eye by adding pattern, texture, dimension, and color to a room. With the right pattern, you can completely change the look and feel of a space in a way that paint alone often can’t. Because of its potential power, […]

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Creative Holiday Gift Guide 2021: 12 Gift Ideas Sure to Bring Out the Budding Artist in Anyone

By Gabé Hirschowitz Looking ahead to the holidays. (c) Gabé Hirschowitz, 2021 The holidays are always so full of wonderful opportunities to share good times with our loved ones and create fond memories that will last a lifetime; for my own part, I cherish my annual trip to visit family abroad, and among the most […]

A Conversation with Artist Rune Elmegaard: Galerie Perrie founder Gabé Hirschowitz’s Exclusive Interview with One of Denmark’s Most Insightful Artists

Rune Elmegaard is a Danish artist and furniture designer based in Ringsted, outside of Central Copenhagen, with a deep interest in Danish design history. He loves working with acrylics on canvas and combining shapes and colors to capture the mid-century aesthetic that inspires him. Rune’s dynamic creativity is reflected in the inspiration of the material […]

A Conversation with Artist Nia Imani Winslow: Get to Know One of Brooklyn’s Most Engaging Emerging Artists

By Gabé Hirschowitz Gabé: What’s your earliest memory of creating art? Nia Imani Winslow: My earliest memory of creating art is in grade school, as a child, in art class. Gabé: What unexpected experiences/ ideas/ things inspire you? Nia Imani Winslow: My work is usually inspired by everyday life. I see an experience or a […]

Artists in India’s Bihar State Spruce Up Their Environment to Save it

Image: Madhubani tree painting depicting a Hindu religious scene. (Courtesy of BBC World Service) By Nicole Barr & Phill Provance Deforestation is both an economic and health issue today. This is especially the case in India where climate and population have intersected to make global warming an acute threat. As one of the world’s emerging […]

Return to Nature: Five Pro Tips for Optimizing Your Landscape Design

By the Galerie Perrie Team Image: Sculptures by Franz West, Montauk, New York. Copyright © Jake Rajs 2015. For many, beauty isn’t solely the domain of art galleries. This has been especially true since the start of the pandemic, and it’s amazing to ponder how we’ve all learned to slow down and appreciate our surroundings […]

LEIBAL – Miniatures by Abid Javed – October 2021

Harmony By Design: Choosing Art to Create Dynamics Between Your Inner World and Outside Environment

by Nicole Barr for Edited by Gabé Hirschowitz   Image courtesy of Emmanuel de Bayser.   If you’re seeking harmony in your home, using feng shui’s five elements to balance it is essential. Feng shui is a traditional Chinese practice of arranging things in your living spaces in order to balance their energies and […]

SHOUTOUT LA – Meet Gabé Hirschowitz | Founder, – August 2021

The Great Indoors: How beautifying your at-home workspace leads to better peace of mind

How beautifying your at-home workspace leads to better peace of mind Even as the pandemic subsides, many of us have found our lives changed in ways we never could have imagined. For one, more of us are working remotely, and with that comes new considerations we might have never thought of before, such as workspace […]

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A Conversation with Kenny Scharf

An exclusive interview with artist Kenny Scharf at his Los Angeles studio by Galerie Perrie founder Gabé Hirschowitz Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Perhaps for many of us that’s a tightrope we will never be able to walk, but for […]

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Natural Beauty: 25 Beauty Products That Will Make You and the Earth Healthier

22 Beauty Products That Will Make You and the Earth Healthier

The 20 Best Art & Home Décor Coffee Table Books

Art books offer a world of décor opportunities. (c) Gabé Hirschowitz, 2021 Books meant to be both seen and read by Gabé Hirschowitz “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” might be good advice, but let’s face it: when it comes to home décor, the look of an art book is just as important as what’s in […]

5 Tips for Curating the Perfect Gallery Wall

Galerie Perrie founder, Gabé Hirschowitz, shares her décor secrets:

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