The Art of Science: A Guide to Abid Javed’s Work
Image: Abid Javed in his London studio. Photo courtesy of the Artist. (c) 2023

By Dawn Lui,

“Life imitates art” is a popular phrase to describe the intimate relationship between the lived experience and the creation of art where London-based artist Abid Javed integrates his expertise in molecular biology and his Arabic heritage into ceramic works of art in Galerie Perrie’s collection.

Javed nurtured the sense to create through imagination via his mother. His sense of creation slowly developed into an interest in nature, eventually leading to his persuasion in science and molecular biology at a Ph.D. level. However, his passion for creation never waned, especially after seeing the intricacies of elaborate formations of living organisms, it drew him to explore internal molecular structures on an artistic level through ceramics. The artist’s works featured unique rustic stoneware textures which are often unglazed as a result of his own scientific flare.

Javed typically starts his ceramic creation with a pinch coil and ball of clay, then he starts coiling the shape to his preference as it hardens where he starts carving and scraping. The artist usually prefers shaving off a large amount of clay for his sculptures, and the process of the piece becoming thinner and lighter was seen to be the highlight of the creation process. Lastly, Javed uses specific tools to smooth out or create textures on the surface. One of the noticeable characteristics of Javed’s works is its subject matter and form. The artist’s vision draws to simplicity and an abstract reflection of molecular structures and even ancient Arabic scriptures.

In the initial stages of creating his RNA Polymerase inspired works, Javed starts with a biological structure which he sketches out its technical forms to help develop the stoneware’s form amid its molecular complexity. Ultimately, the artist creates a 3D version of the form as a frame of reference for its ceramic counterpart. Javed’s RNA-inspired geometric works strive to emulate the beauty of simplicity, elegance, and functionality which the artist interprets as the beauty of balance often found in nature. Javed’s earthenware is heavily featured with earth tones and neutral hues. Later, he gradually started to venture into primary colors such as blues and reds since discovering the Klein blue pigment.

Javed’s works display the masterful marriage between science, art, and identity. His raw, textured works coupled with effortlessly simplistic and natural shapes explore the beauty of micro-biology and the human body through the form and moldable state of clay. Javed’s clay sculptures inspired by molecular biology not only examines the aesthetics of science but also open up the diversity and versatility of the clay medium itself, making them a delightful cutting point for collecting art sculptures and ceramics.

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