The Great Indoors: How beautifying your at-home workspace leads to better peace of mind

How beautifying your at-home workspace leads to better peace of mind

Even as the pandemic subsides, many of us have found our lives changed in ways we never could have imagined. For one, more of us are working remotely, and with that comes new considerations we might have never thought of before, such as workspace health. There’s a reason corporate giants like Apple, Google and Facebook are able to remain on the cutting edge of innovation, and part of that is their corporate headquarters are intentionally designed to promote mental health. As numerous studies–such as 2019 research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology–have shown, those surrounded by beautiful things tend to perform better professionally in addition to reporting higher quality of life personally.

The point, of course, is that your interior surroundings aren’t simply an expression of yourself or even just reflective of your headspace but can actually contribute to your mental wellbeing. In fact, the right arrangement of a few choice objects in your workspace can have exponential benefits for not only you but your family as well. So, to help my readers make the most of their at-home offices, I decided to compile the following list of pieces available on I feel would have a wonderful impact on improving professional performance:

Top Picks for a Healthy Home Office

Floral Art

"Flowers" by Michael Swaney
“Flowers” by Michael Swaney
"Alberta Newspapers" by Petra Cortright
“Alberta Newspapers” by Petra Cortright
"Florid Sell II" by Dominic Samsworth
“Florid Sell II” by Dominic Samsworth
"Flowers (from Katie)" by Gretchen Andrew
“Flowers (from Katie)” by Gretchen Andrew
"Plein air 1" by Marc Horowitz
“Plein air 1” by Marc Horowitz
"In Waiting" by Nia Winslow
“In Waiting” by Nia Winslow


"Amadores (triptych)" by Massimo Vitali
“Amadores (triptych)” by Massimo Vitali
"It's a Cinch ... " by Lillian Bassman
“It’s a Cinch … ” by Lillian Bassman
"Basket of Light ..." by Flor Garduño
“Basket of Light …” by Flor Garduño
"Basquiat A Portrait III" by Richard Corman
“Basquiat A Portrait III” by Richard Corman


"Pleomorph 27e (1st Gen.)" by Abid Javed
“Pleomorph 27e (1st Gen.)” by Abid Javed
"Pot of George #21" by Zachary Armstrong
“Pot of George #21” by Zachary Armstrong
"Untitled" by Elana Bowsher
“Untitled” by Elana Bowsher
"Laughing Head" by Ryan Schneider
“Laughing Head” by Ryan Schneider
"Dome Vase Slit" by Marten Herma Anderson
“Dome Vase Slit” by Marten Herma Anderson

Abstract Art

"Palms w/ hedge 2, Hill house" by Brian Lotti
“Palms w/ hedge 2, Hill house” by Brian Lotti
"E.C.E no. 42, 2016" by Ross Iannatti
“E.C.E no. 42, 2016” by Ross Iannatti
"Untitled (Grid #28)" by Cameron Platter
“Untitled (Grid #28)” by Cameron Platter
"Untitled" by Boris Fauser
“Untitled” by Boris Fauser
"Untitled" by TJ Bohm
“Untitled” by TJ Bohm
"Rectangular Circle" by Kasper Faerch
“Rectangular Circle” by Kasper Faerch

Figurative Art

"Ciel Rose" by Zahra Holm
“Ciel Rose” by Zahra Holm
"Michael" by Brian Harte
“Michael” by Brian Harte
"Essence" by Nia Winslow
“Essence” by Nia Winslow
"Papier 7" by Zahra Holm
“Papier 7” by Zahra Holm

Geometric Art

"(TBT)" by Matthew Chambers
“(TBT)” by Matthew Chambers
"PSTT" by Marc Horowitz
“PSTT” by Marc Horowitz
"Untitled Painting #102" by Habib Farajabadi
“Untitled Painting #102” by Habib Farajabadi
"Pioneer Park" by William LaChance
“Pioneer Park” by William LaChance
"Untitled (Psychoquilt)" by Adam D. Miller
“Untitled (Psychoquilt)” by Adam D. Miller