Charlotte Culot – Diving in the deep BLUE III. Image courtesy of Galerie Perrie. All rights reserved. © 2023

By Dawn Lui for

Art flows within every facet of life, often drawing inspiration from nature and the environment. With art and its role within the sustainability movement rising in prominence in recent years, the discussions on sustainable art in the domestic space have sparked accumulating interest. From sculptures to paintings, sustainable art can not only elevate the aesthetic and comfort of the interior but also provoke and support the integration of domestic sustainability.

Utilization of Natural resources

Sustainability in art requires an emphasis on its harmony with the natural world, often deriving its raw materials directly from the environment. To incorporate the renewability and vitality of the domestic space, one may start with artworks that harness natural renewable materials. In our catalogue, clayware and stoneware draw both material and symbolic representations of art’s inseparable relationship to nature and its prominent domestic presence. Small-sized stoneware sculptures in deep earth tones elevate your everyday home with a sense of biophilic artistry. Highlighting the close connection between everyday living and the natural environment through its harmonious echo from their stoneware materials.

Tara Vaughan – Hug (xs) 5.5” long, 5” wide, 5” tall ceramic stoneware, charcoal black glaze. Image courtesy of Galerie Perrie. All rights reserved. © 2023

Inspiration from nature

Inspiration from the ecological can also provoke one’s role and influences within the Anthropocene. Exploring the micro-organic world that draws similarities to everyday design aesthetics elicits the daily manifestations and inspirations humans extract from the natural world. To bring the ecological world within the domestic sphere, especially the dining room and living room produces the environmental consciousness to a figurative representation. Such as Galerie Perrie’s Origins series, created by artists and molecular biology Ph.D. Abid Javed draws imagination from RNA and microbiology within his sculptures. His works not only bring forth the inseparability of art and science, but their thought-provoking relation between the human genome and its stoneware material will also be an intriguing centerpiece for the living room.

Abid Javed – Origins 22 White, black, pink stoneware ceramic 45cm x 20cm. Image courtesy of Galerie Perrie. All rights reserved. © 2023


Abid Javed – Origins 21 Sand, black red stoneware ceramic 29cm x 12cm. Image courtesy of Galerie Perrie. All rights reserved. © 2023

Integration within the sustainability of the everyday home

One can also elevate interior space with artworks that transcend conceptual environmental activism where artwork’s intrinsic sustainability can be integrated within one’s domestic sphere. Many artists provoke the concept of environmental awareness with the materials they utilize in their artworks. Therefore, often renewable or recyclable materials were incorporated to present the functionality and diversity of man-made materials and wastes. In Galerie Perrie’s catalogue, Charlotte Culot’s exclusive Diving in The Deep Blue series, her collage consisting of recyclable brown kraft paper and pigmented blue and green hues presents a visual feast of tranquility and material sustainability. Perfect for the bedroom space, Culot’s deep blue hues representative of peace and quietude within colour psychology presents a beautiful co-existence of the natural world and sustainable materials.

Charlotte Culot – Diving in the deep BLUE IV. Image courtesy of Galerie Perrie. All rights reserved. © 2023


Charlotte Culot – Diving in the deep BLUE V. Image courtesy of Galerie Perrie. All rights reserved. © 2023

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